Do you need help with SASAMS?

SASAMS Helpdesk is now available.

Contact: Lutho Manyamalala who is responsible for the help desk:

Office landline No       043 783 4022

Cellphone No. :           076 6394 767

Email address:   

Firstly make sure you have the latest Version !

Post your question here, and fellow Educators and the EMIS office will attempt to answer them for you.

Do you need on-site help?

Download and install TeamViewer (Link from the website) or directly from here:

Log into TeamViewer, give us a call, and tell us the TeamViewer ID and Password and we will log onto your computer and help you.

Also, help is available on Facebook:


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Patch 17.0.0

Reminder to always make a backup of your database before upgrading to a new patch. Patch 17.0.0 is now released and is available at the following link. It should be available on Thutong shortly. Download from :

Dear Colleagues
Version 17.0.0 was released and is available on THUTONG and contains the corrections listed below:
Also note that the Gr 4-6 HL and FAL changes assures that Schools can report on 3,6,9 first term marks
1.       System changes:
               Fixing the “screen freezing “problem when SA-SAMS is networked and multiple users are online.
2.       Curriculum Changes:
Module / Screen
Instruction to school
Grade 4- 6 HL and FAL replacing the Programme of Assessment with 2016 settings
On 12.3.11 please check the raw total score and recapture marks accordingly
Hospitality and Consumer Studies Gr 10 -12 removing the “fixed” on the term weights.
This change is included to assist the schools when the proposed amendments for the assessments are approved. Currently no change needed by schools.
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Valistractor Guide Poster


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Valistractor Self Training Power Points

Valistractor self-training Power Points can be downloaded from:

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2017 EMIS Intergrated Utility Tool

The 2017 EMIS Intergrated Utility Tool is for ECD schools. However in the Eastern Cape our ECD schools are not on SASAMS. We in the Eastern Cape are not doing surveys, but will use your normal Monthly submissions to extract the relevant data. Should you as schools wish to download and install this utility tool to check your data, feel free to do so, but we at EMIS do not want this data. The tool is available on Thutong.

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SASAMS Patch 17.0 BETA

Latest Patch

SASAMS version 17.0.0 is in BETA mode and available for testing.

Currently SA-SAMS experiences network problems. This version is designed to fix and upgrade

This version needs to be tested on a network . This version corrects the locking, especially when capturing absentees. It will be appreciated that you contact me ( if you would like to test this version and send me the results by Monday by 12;00.

Reminder to test on a COPY of your database since after testing the database will NOT be usable on the new patch.

10/1/2017 SASAMS Patch 16.3.1 released available on Thutong 

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Vote for us “SA Blog Awards”

Hi all followers

Please vote for our emisec blog ( for SA Blog Awards.

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Patch 16.3.1

Please be advised that SASAMS Patch 16.3.1 has been released.

Dear Colleagues
Version 16..1 was released
It is available for schools on Thutong

This version increases the processing speed by 90 % that will be valuable for the end of the year calculations.
This version will also assist schools that runs Sa-SAMS on a network.
Other changes are :
Watermark on the printed schedules

Data Locking (SBA User Marks):

Locked by Grade / Subject / Class or Educator Group / Term.
(If by Educator Group then all relevant classes are locked)

1. How it works:
Data Locks occurs when loaded on screens
If Marks Security is turned off:
– 12.3.12  Maintain Learner SBA Results
If Marks Security is turned On:
–  SBA Results – Capture
–  SBA Results – HOD Verification
–  SBA Results – Principal Verification
Data Locks are cleared when other data is loaded or when exiting the relevant screens.
2. When the data is locked:
A Popup Screen appears with Data Lock details and will automatically retry after 60 seconds, this occurs until the data is unlocked or ‘Cancel’ is clicked.
The following screens are affected:
If Marks Security is turned off:
– 12.3.12  Maintain Learner SBA Results
If Marks Security is turned On:
–  Admin: Export SBA Results for Excel Capturing
–  Admin: Import SBA Results from Excel
–  SBA Results – Capture
–  SBA Results – HOD Verification
–  SBA Results – Principal Verification
–  SBA Results – Print
–  Maintain Results per Topics/Skills
–  Maintain Results per Subject
– 12.7.18  Maintain Learner Promotion Decisions…
3. New screen 16.14:
Should Data Locks not be cleared due to abnormal exit of screens or SA-SAMS for whatever reason.  i.e. Power Failure, Network/Database issues, etc…
The System Administrator (or whomever has rights to 16.14) can clear Data Locks on screen ‘16.14  View/Maintain Sessions & Data Locks’.
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