Patch 17.0.0

Reminder to always make a backup of your database before upgrading to a new patch. Patch 17.0.0 is now released and is available at the following link. It should be available on Thutong shortly. Download from :

Dear Colleagues
Version 17.0.0 was released and is available on THUTONG and contains the corrections listed below:
Also note that the Gr 4-6 HL and FAL changes assures that Schools can report on 3,6,9 first term marks
1.       System changes:
               Fixing the “screen freezing “problem when SA-SAMS is networked and multiple users are online.
2.       Curriculum Changes:
Module / Screen
Instruction to school
Grade 4- 6 HL and FAL replacing the Programme of Assessment with 2016 settings
On 12.3.11 please check the raw total score and recapture marks accordingly
Hospitality and Consumer Studies Gr 10 -12 removing the “fixed” on the term weights.
This change is included to assist the schools when the proposed amendments for the assessments are approved. Currently no change needed by schools.
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2 Responses to Patch 17.0.0

  1. segomotso says:

    Im trying to print like skills mark sheet and it shows error description

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