This EMISEC blog page will attempt to keep all Educators and EMIS coordinators up to date with all the lastest news, updates and patches for SASAMS.

You might not be able to download it from here, but we will certainly paste a link for you to download.

In the meantime, all relevant documents and patches are in a shared google docs folder. If you have a gmail address, simply forward it to me at mark.hensberg@ecprov.gov.za and I will share this folder with you.

If you dont have a gmail account, simply got to mail.google.com and create one.



10 Responses to About

  1. Jane Lutchman says:

    Hi I am lil lost… I I entered new admissions two weeks ago. Allocated classes and subjects. Today I log in and find they are not on the system

  2. Ndumi says:

    how do i upload on line. I need the steps

  3. We are accessing the laptop installed with Sasams via other laptops in a network. After some time there appears a message stating that the database cannot be opened and unrecognised database format.

    • emisec says:

      You need to compact and repair the database (menu 16.4)

      Also make sure you have mapped a drive to your database and not simply browsed for the database. it works quicker that way.

      • booimava44 says:

        New versions of windows makes it impossible to generate a timetable through timetable assistant, what can we do?

      • emisec says:

        Everything works on Windows 10, so you must have other issues.

        Remember to right click on TimeDesign.exe in the EdusolSams folder and select “Run as administrator” !!!

  4. Sai says:

    I need to add a member and give a login name and password for the user. Where to go about?

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