Relevant SASAMS Correspondence

Please click on the link to access all relevant correspondence pertaining to SASAMS in the Eastern Cape

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19 Responses to Relevant SASAMS Correspondence

  1. Benny says:

    /I get this error when trying to run the timetabling module. Please help. what can I do? ‘Exception EOleSysError in module TimeDesign.exe at 0012DB35. Error accessing the OLE registry.’

  2. Elizabeth Diane Meyer says:

    Please help us As we give points to Sams the hod wants us to transfer that points in levels Is there not a way that sams can give us the recordsheet and a option to give a level sheet to and analizes please

    • emisec says:

      Recording sheet is not in levels, but schedules you have the option of levels or marks.

      Enter a numerical representation of a level in the recording sheet, then choose levels thereafter.

  3. charity says:

    How to validate a subject

  4. Sandra Whittal says:

    I am very confused. How can SASAMS be implemented in foundation phase, especially at grade one level. We do not work with percentages. Children in the foundation phase progress as the year grows. Term 1 is a lot of the previous years work and therefor the children get high symbols. As the year progress some of them fall behind, but because their first term mark might be high their year mark is higher than what the child is actually able to do by the end of the year and might get an overall mark of a 4 for the year and pass. However, he did poorly in term 3 and 4. How can a child then pass and proceed to the next grade if his marks were deteriorating, but his year mark according to sasams, pass him.

    • emisec says:

      Hi Sandra

      I am not sure what province you are in, but in the Eastern Cape…….and the rest of the country SASAMS is being used for foundation phase as per the CAPS policy documents.
      In the Eastern Cape we have changed all tasks to be out of a maximum of 100. (12.3.11)
      Schools then enter a “numerical representation” of the level when capturing in 12.3.12 eg Level 4 has a numerical representation of 55.
      From this point onwards, with all the next menus and schedules, SASAMS has a tick box to view (as there is no more capturing) with an option to view marks or levels. Obviously Foundation Phase Views in levels.
      CAPS Policy for Foundation Phase states that the 4th term assessment is 100% sba. Ie it is a year mark not a term mark as is the case with terms 1-3. This is indicated in SASAMS (12.3.11) where the term weighting for term 4 is zero, however there is an sba weighting.
      Learners results can fluctuate throughout the year for various reasons. Some improving and some deteriorating for whatever reason. That is why the learner is assessed according to the policy on the years work.
      Remember: The School has the option to promote or Not Promote a learner in menu 12.7.18. BUT this can only be done if a reason is given in the comments column from a set dropdown menu list of comments.

      So in summing up, the option to promote or not promote is still within the powers of the school, and SASAMS is merely the tool to assist with the schools administration.

  5. JOHANNES says:


  6. Retha says:

    How do I capture my Grade 1 marks if the teachers only did their assessments in Levels? No marks to work with.
    As for the Grade 3 classes with Afrikaans as a second language, I still need to complete 7 areas of activity?
    Still at Grade 3, the Mathematics is the same, 6 activities done, I need to complete 10 activities.
    Phoned for assistance, 3 weeks ago still nothing?
    Please I need help.

    • emisec says:

      In Foundation Phase….if a learner is a Level 7 (80-100%) simply give all learners with a level 7 a mark of 90…….take the mid mark of all levels and assign to learners.

      You will notice that after capturing marks, all internal progression and departmental schedules cater for Levels……so the learners will still achieve the same Level. Reports also cater for Levels.

      As far as activities are concerned, make sure you align with the CAPS Policy documents. Alternatively contact your local District or Provincial Office.

  7. We are literally 1 day away from handing out reports and the schedules are acting up!!

    The district requires us to put a promotion symbol of A for Achieved and NA for not achieved in the first 3 terms. Our Promotion Descriptors are set up as NA, A, NP, P, and NRP

    But when we go to 12.7.18 to insert the Promotion Descriptors for term 1 the options given to us are only P and NP.

    Our schedules are also cookoo. the No of years in a Phase for some learners is being printed as 6 instead of 3 for the grade 6 schedules. I think it has something to do with the fact that those learners may have repeated at some stage.

    Please help urgent!

    • emisec says:

      We are aware of the promotion descriptors and the programmers have been notified.

      Use P and NP for now until it is rectified

      • adil says:

        Ok will do, the no of days absent is also problematic. The fourth term is also displaying the first term number. I can understand that it is probably showing a total of the annual no of days absent, but it is confusing for parents.

      • emisec says:

        SASAMS Version 14 corrects this error

  8. Richard Kleinschmidt (Oupa) says:

    I do not know who mandated validation of tasks,(12.3.11) but the result is a real hardship resulting in hours of staff time. Perhaps someone thought that HODs would thoughtfully consider each task and link the task to appropriate topics/skills. In this province at least, the school has little control over what skills are evaluated by each task. That is decided by the DOE. – So what happens at the school is that some poor soul must spend days going through each task of each subject for each grade and mindlessly linking each task to all the skills. There is already great resistance to using SAMS for recording marks. This just provides one more disincentive for recording marks in the system.
    Is there any hope that mandatory validation will be reconsidered?

  9. Siya says:

    Try installing the 13.4.1 patch and see if it will work. Remember whem patching you have to install all patch files from the oldest to the newest because some carry important .dll files.

  10. Jash Maharaj says:


    I have now taken over assisting with Sasams. I am from Kzn and notice that you use SASAMS more extensively than us. We have a long way to go. I have the current version of 13.6.1 but notice that my database only has till 13.3.3 patch. As a result it would not open with any newer versions.How can I upgrade my database and not SASAMS.

    Kindly assist

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