SASAMS – Latest Patches, Manuals, Videos, Updates

  • The Latest manuals in pdf format can be downloaded from HERE:
  • Videos of the more important modules can be downloaded from HERE: (Please note these are fairly large and may take a while to download)
  • All the Latest Patches, Spreads and Excel explanation of changes will be posted in this link: or can be downloaded from Thutong
  • Latest NOD32/ESET Smart security updates can be DOWNLOADED from HERE
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54 Responses to SASAMS – Latest Patches, Manuals, Videos, Updates

  1. Mrs Zwana says:


  2. Rita Burger says:

    Hi I have a problem with capturing marks fot Consumer Studies Gr 12. Caps requires 3 practicals but SAMS have space for 4 practicals. How do I remove the extra practical…

  3. Amon says:

    Please help. When i am trying to capture marks, e.g. English grade 4, independent reading task T1:A1. I can only enter marks using down arrow to another learner but when i reach learner number 3, when i press down arrow to learner number 4 a popup massage appears:
    Error: 9
    Error Description : Subject out of range
    Location: frmAssessmentsSBA
    Procedure: Grid_ChangeColour Routine

    • emisec says:

      Your Grid version is incorrect.

      On the home screen click on “about” and then Grid version.

      It should be spread 6.0.57.

      Download it and install it from Thutong or

      • Nondumiso says:

        And I just downloaded spread 6.0.57 coz I noticed that my spread was different now I am busy entering marks no message is popping thank you so much for your information.

    • Nondumiso says:

      Hi I was having the same problem while I was capturing marks but I was using version no 15.3.0 then I downloaded version no 15.3.1 now it is working am capturing marks fine but the message is still popping up I jus press enter and continue ccapturing.

  4. plz help: am trying to design a time table using sa-sams after following the steps it give me this messege ” exception EOlesysError in module Timedesign.exe at 0012db35.

  5. F Jozana says:

    Plz help me with Annual survey utility where can I download it?

  6. sbusi says:

    I need to download the latest patch but when I do so it shows the unreadable information, what do i fix this?

  7. Nondumiso says:

    Please help me I want to change my SAMS data to another laptop, please guide me

    • emisec says:

      Install SASAMS on your new Laptop (Original installation then latest patch then the spread)
      Copy the database from the old laptop (C:\Program Files\EdusolSAMS\Data) and paste it on the new Laptop (C:\Program Files\EdusolSAMS\Data)

  8. Hlalanathi Buthelezi says:

    MY SAMS SHOWS A NAGGING MESSAGE THAT KEEPSNON POPPING ON THE SCREEN IT SAYS “Do you want to allow the following program from an unkown publisher to make changes to this computer ?” Program name C:\Windows\Installer\4691927.msi

    • emisec says:

      This is a PC User/administrator right issue.

      And the program is windows installer not SASAMS

      Hence it is a Windows issue.

      • Hlalanathi Buthelezi says:

        Thanx I fixed Windows

      • Hlalanathi Buthelezi says:

        Dear Emisec
        We are using two networked computers,now we wish to share the SAMS data base file,so that the admin and the orincipal could work on the same file but on different PC, so how can we share the Sams data ? We are currently using the latest 15.02 patch.

  9. Vlam says:

    Hi there

    I am new to SASAMS and installed it recently for the first time. Ive downloaded all the updates and patches I could find. However, some headings are missing on it. For example I only have 12.1.11 to 12.1.18. Where would the rest best be and how do I get it?

  10. Senzo says:

    Thank you I have managed to unlock the user profiles..

  11. SENZO says:

    How to edit users details, because I want to change from principal login to administrator login, so that I will be able to archive learners. and in users preferences, maintain user profile is inactive

    • emisec says:

      Change the Profile from 0 to 7 ie Principal Management.

      Change the Password for the user “Administrator” then login as “Administrator”. you will now be able to archive learners.

      • Senzo says:

        I can’t see the option to change profile, because “MAINTAIN USER PROFILES” is inactive pls help…

      • emisec says:

        You obviously dont have the user rights to make the necessary changes. Who is the administrator? Send me the database and I will take a look at it for you and change the appropriate user rights.

  12. Annetjie Roulstone says:

    I don’t have the patch 14.3.1 the circuit manager said there is a new patch 14.1. Can I do year end transfer with the patch 14.3.0?

  13. riahattingh says:

    I’ve tried to install patch 14.1.0. It didn’t work so I had to install my previous 14.0.1. Now I have a Ls Badplaas and a Prior 14.0.1 when I log in at Sams. Now when I go into LS badplaas I have NO learner info but I have my weekly register and I have my 1st and 2nd term captured marks. When I log into the prior one I have my learner info, my weekly register is empty, and now captured marks. Please help.

    • emisec says:

      It appears that you have been working on two separate databases. Unfortunately you cannot “merge” the databases, so you will have to recapture your absentees on the database that has the learner info. It is important to regularly backup your databases and rename them with a date so that you are able to identify the current and latest database and only work on that one.

  14. Doreen Kekana says:

    I am using version 14.1.0. I have just employed a new teacher and I created a new time table. All went well except for the reports whicch cannot be exported to excell. It gives an error message. Please help.

    • emisec says:

      You will need to furnish me with the error message, however this does sound like a spread problem. Make sure you have the Spread 6.0.57 installed. Available on

      Should the error contain a missing .dll or .ocx file, all you need to do id reinstall the original CD over your current installation and everything should be working again.

      If it is the time design error, in the edusolsams folder, right click on the time design and “run as administrator”.

      Hope this sorts out your error.

  15. Nirvanan Moodley says:

    Hi, I downloaded and installed the 14.0.1 patch from the Thutong website onto my PC(windows 7) it crashed the programme. can anyone help?

    • emisec says:

      Good day

      You can install in two ways: (Original CD must be installed first, followed by the latest Patch – currently 14.0.1, after this the Spread 6.0.57 should also be installed)

      1. Install above on all client machines, but have the database in a shared folder in the Network. ie. Every client MUST use the same database.

      Works well but can be slow if there are more than 20 clients.
      Should a new Patch come out, all user machines need to be upgraded to the latest patch.

      2. Install SASAMS on the server and all clients login to the server to use SASAMS.

      Probably is more efficient way of Networking. All relative to the speed and technical specifications of your Network.
      With a new patch you only have to upgrade the one machine ie the server itself.

      Both the original CD and the latest Patch and the spread are available on the following websites:


      I trust this will assist with your installation.

  16. Akhona says:

    My problem is with the issue of timetable, the template that we have on the system only accommodates senior phase only whilst my school also have foundation phase and the time intervals are not the same. how do we do it then?

  17. willy says:

    i need to talk to a person who is familiar with sasams especially the finance module. Can I be contacted by poeple around ladysmith. email

  18. Kaylie says:

    The laptop that im using for SASAMS has had multiple problems, so our IT specialist requested us to format the laptop.

    Before i done that, i save all the programs im using (including SASAMS & our database) on our external hardrive.

    The problem is now, i want to re install SASAMS, it installs but the icon doesnt appear on the desktop and if i open it from program files, it says there is a file missing/error.

    Im not sure what is happening, do i have to get an original disk for SA-SAMS or what am i doing wrong. I also tried downloading it from thutong but the problem persists.

    Please help, I have alot of work to do regarding SASAMS and time is running out.

    Thanks, il be waiting for your reply

  19. Vivienne says:

    When trying to print attendance registers, I get the following error:

    runtime error ‘339’.
    Component crviewer.dll or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

    Please help, how can I rectify this problem.

  20. Ria Hattingh says:

    Good day. I need a little help please. I`ve installed 13.6.1 but it doesn’t run till the end (the green line). 2. On my SASAMS 13.6.1 it shows that Gr1,2,3,4,5,6,7 wasn’t set up as school grades.3. Where do I find the transfer letters. 4. If I didn’t capture the marks last year and want to do it this year how does I go from here.

    Thank you

    • emisec says:

      1. Installation: Make sure the original installation is done from the SASAMS CD (on the website)
      Thereafter install the 13.6.1 patch
      Make sure you have installed the Spread 6.0.57
      All are available on the web site.
      2. Menu 1.2 should indicate all the grades offered by the school.
      3.Transfer Letters?
      4. Promote all learners from 2013 to their new grades 2014 (3.19), assign them to classes (3.14 and 3.15). Assign subjects to learners (12.1.15), Make sure you have assigned tasks to subjects (12.3.11)……basically start menu 12 from scratch and make sure it is completed.

  21. Muthuphei Tshikovhele says:

    This version 13.6 is user friendly and can help anyone interested, am available to help

  22. Doreen Kekana says:

    I followed the instruction given and still do not win in terms of saving marks.

  23. antonette says:

    Hi, must i download version 13.6.1 for gr 7 year mark and how do i do that

  24. Thamsanqa ngcephe says:

    Plz kindly inform me if there are sasams post m desprerate for work iv got 2 years experience which i got it from bizana district n eastern cape

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